Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Dialysis can separate which in addition to the glucose from human blood?Protein
2In Homo sapiens, where does fertilisation occurs?Oviduct
3Which is the longest bone in the human body?Thigh bone
4Which harmone is called emergency hormone?Adrenalin
5Which enzyme take part in digestion of milk protein?Rennin
6What is the largest lymphatic organ of the body?Spleen
7Where is Pituitary gland present?0 65292Below the brain
8Which part of human brain is most highly developed as compared to others?Cerebrum
9In the human body which sturcture is the appendix attached to?Large intestine
10How many bones are there in the human cranium?8
11Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the wall of which part?Artery
12Cow milk is a rich source of which vitamin?Vitamin A
13What is the transmission of characters from one generation to next?Heredity
14What is the study of the interaction of antigens and antibodies called?Serology
15Which organism is required for the preparation of alcohol?Fungi
16Which is known as master gland in man?Pituitary
17Which is the contractile protein muscle?Myosin
18In which disease do the germs enter through open wounds?Tetanus
19What is potato an under ground modified stem?Tubers
20Image of object is formed on which part of eye?Retina
21Which is the sweetest natural sugar?Lactose
22How many bones are there in human body?206
23What is Funny Bone?A nerve
24Who is responsible for the sex determination of a child?Father
25Which was the Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life?Oparin
26Which set contains foods rich in carbohydrates?Banana, potato and rice
27Xerophytes are plants which can grow in regions having how moisture?Low moisture
28Pregnant women usually become deficient in which nutrients?Calcium and iron
29Which organ cannot be transplanted?Brain
30By which antibodies are produced in the plasma of blood?Lymphocytes
31Which organ in animals breaks fat to produce cholesterol?Liver
32Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?Vitamin K
33In a food chain, howmuch solar energy utilized by plants?1 percent
34Which group of animals is primates?Lemurs
35Which organ have the capacity of regeneration?Liver
36Which organelle is present in bacteria or prokaryotic cell?Ribosomes
37Which hormone contains iodine?Thyroxine
38What is not a digestive enzyme in human system?0 65292Gastrin
39Which element is responsible for blue baby syndrome?Nitrate
40What is the pH level of blood of a normal person?7.35-7.45
41How do most insects respire?By trachea system
42Which factors are most responsible for disease in plant?Fungi
43Which is mostly cold blooded animal?Shark
44'Darwin finches' refers to a group of which creatrue?Birds
45Which snake is not poisonus?Pythen
46Which pigment is found in the blood of earthworm?Hemocyanine
47In human body, which hormone regulates blood calcium and phosphate?Parathyroid hormone
48Which Insectivorous fish used for mosquito control?Gambusia
49Absorption of water by root occurs in the region of which parts?Root hairs
50Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?Leaves

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