Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Which vitamin is essential for poor bone and teeth formation?Vitamin D
2Healing of wounds is hastened by which vitamin?C
3Where are red blood corpuscles formed?In bone marrow
4How much blood does an average adult have in the body?5-6 litres
5Which part of the pitcher plant becomes modified' into a pitcher?Leaf
6Which is an insectivorous plant?Pitcher plant
7Which cells have least regeneration capacity?Cell of brain
8In which processes light energy is converted into chemical energy?Photosynthesis
9What is a physical basis of life?Protoplasm
10In which cell organelle do photo and thermochemical reactions occur in different sites?Chloroplasts
11Which is an insectivorous plant?Nepenthes
12The salivary gland secrete saliva that contains which enzyme?Ptyalin
13Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood?Glucose
14In human beings, normally in which part, does the sperm fertilize the ovum?Fallopian tube
15Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?Medulla oblongata
16Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?Leaves
17Which thing acts as an antidote to HgCl2 poisoning?White of egg
18Which animal lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly?Echidna
19How many pair of heart is found in an earthworm?Four
20What is systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man?120 mm and 80 mm
21Which destroy the toxic substance found in digested food?Liver
22Which group has the highest number of endangered species?Reptiles
23Which of the following has been found useful in keeping cholesterol level down?Garlic
24What is the ready source of energy available for athletes?Carbohydrates
25Urine of a diabetes patient contains more than average quantity of which thing? 0 65292Sugar
26Which is a form of heart disease in which blood supply to the heart is inadequate?Angina
27Which animal breathes through the skin?Frog
28Dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animal can also cause rabies?Bat
29In plant energy is produced during which process?Respiration
30In which part of the eye lies the pigment, that decides the colour of the eyes of a person?72Choroid
31Appetite and satiety centres of brain, where are present in?Hypothalmus
32Which gland disapear during old age?Thymus
33Which is not a plantation crop?Sugarcane
34Which harmful element tobacoo exists in tobacoo?Nicotine
35Which gland is situated beneath the brain and whose oversecretion produces giants-size children?Pituitary
36There are approximately howmany muscles in human body?700
37The deficiency of which leads to dental caries?Fluorine
38In which antibody formation takes place?Blood Plasma
39What is good source of protein?Soyabean
40Which animal have no blood but they respire?Hydra
41What is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system?Neuron
42Which are two richest known sources of edible protein?Soy-bean and groundnut
43Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?Vitamins
44Which is a round worm that enters man's body through the soles of the feet?Hookworm
45What is a Dental formula of man?2123/2123
46What is an example of vestigial organ in man?Canine teeth
47What is the study of effect of light on various biological life process?Photobiology
48What is the The chemical part of the dye that absorbs light and produces colour called? 65292A pigment
49Translocation of carbohydrate nutrient usually occurs in which form?Maltose
50Food is converted into energy in which of the cellular organelles of cell?Mitochondria

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