Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Froth Flotation process is used for the metallurgy of - Sulphide ore 
2Which silver salt is used for making film of photography?Silver Bromide (Ag Br)
3The chemical name of Hypo commonly used in Photography is-sodium Thiosulphate
4Conversion of Heat into electric energy is achieved by using -Thermocouple
5Hydrochloric acid is also known asMuriatic acid
6Disadvantage of using DDT as pesticide is -Not easily degradable in nature
7pH-scale ranges from -0-14
8The maximum density of water is at-40C
9In a rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell?Chemical energy
10The acid used in the Lead storage cell is -Sulphuric acid
11Which acid is stored in batteries?Sulphuric acid
12The mercury and sodium street Lamps Light up become of-Atomic emission
13What is asbestos?Magnesium silicate
14Chemically 'Philosopher wood' is a-Zinc oxide (zno)
15Chemical Name of common salt is-Sodium chloride
16Sodium chloride or Table salt occours in nature as the mineralHalite
17Sodium carbonate commonly known as-Washing soda
18Chemical formula of washing soda is-Na2Co3 10H2O
19Commercial name of sodium bicarbonate is -Baking Soda
20Chemical name of baking soda is-Sodium Bicarbonate
21Chile saltpeter is the common name of- 65292Sodium Nitrate (NaNo3)
22The process of conversion of sugar in to Alcohol is known as-Fermentation
23Vinegar is the chemical name of -Acetic acid
24Vinegar formed by the fermentation of cane sugar contains-Acetic acid
25Electrolysis of copper sulphate solution with copper electrodes gives-0Copper at cathode and oxygen at anode
26Tip of match stick contains -Red phosphorous
27Green colour seen in firework display is due to the chloride salt ofBarium
28The acid which fails to Liberate carbon dioxide from Sodium carbonate is -Carbonic acid
29Mortar is a mixture of water, sand -Slaked Lime
30Most commonly bleaching agent is -Chlorine
31Helium gas is filled in the balloon instead of Hydrogen because its-Non-Combustible
32Why Helium gas used in balloons?Its Lighter than air
33Which gas is filled in balloons?Helium
34The main cause of air pollution in big cities isSuspended particle
35The word 'Brown air' is used for -Photochemical Smoke
36Which affected the 'Taj Mahal'?Which affected the 'Taj Mahal'?
37Hydrogen sulphide is aColourless gas with rotten egg smell
38What is Peroxyl?Macro Pollutant
39Burning Pyrites ore gives out 65292Sulphur dioxide gas
40Chloroform can be used as - Anaesthtic 
41Sour taste of coca cola is due to -Phosphoric acid
42Element with Highest Ionization energy is-helium
43White Phosphorous is place under theCold water
44Commonly sodium is kept under the- Kerosene oil 
45What happen when a drop of Glycerol is added to KMno4 spread on paper?The paper ignites
46By Product obtained by soap industry is -Glycero 
47The process involved in the making of soap is-Sponification
48The antiseptic compound present in Dettol is -Enloroxylenol
49Main constituent of Liquid Bleach isSodium Hypochlorite
50Caustic Soda is -Deliquescent

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