Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Quantity (Amount) of water vapors present in atmosphere is measured in -in the form of Humidity]
2Spirit in Contact with body gives cool sensation because it isHighly volatile
3Cloud is a colloidal of -Water drop in a dispersion medium of air
4Light Scattering take place in -Colloidal solution
5What is the fourth State of Matter?Plasma
6Muddy water is treated with alum in Purification process-Coagulation
7Alum is used for the water treatment in the process named-0 65292Coagulation
8Suspended colloidal particles in water can be removed by the process of -Coagulation
9Alum stops bleeding in a minor cut because of-Coagulation
10What is the meaning of Reader in waste water treatment process?Container
11Iodine can be separated from a mixture of Iodine and potassium chloride bySublimation
12Water does not evaporate, if [StenographerHumidity
13The amount of chlorine available in water after disinfection called asResidual chlorine
14What will be the form of Nitrogen in sewage water is completely oxidized?Nitrate
15When water itself combines chemically with some element or mineral it is called-72Hydration
16Heavy water means-Water containing Maximum density
17What is the chemical composition of Heavy Water?D2O
18Heating of ore in the absence of air below its melting point is calledCalcinations
19Water can be separated from the mixture of water-Alcohol by the process-Distillation
20Iron and Manganese are removed by the process of-Filtration
21What changes will happen to a bowl of ice and water kept at exactly zero degree Celsius?No change will happen
22The Process of ozonation in water treatment is known asDisinfection
23Charcoal is used in water treatment as a/an-Adsorbent
24Detergents used for cleaning cloths and utensils containsSulphonates
25Detergent cleans the surface on the principle of -Surface tension
26Aqueous Hydrolysis of sucrose formed -Glucose and Fructose
27Glucose is a type of -Hexose Sugar
28Dry ice is a solid type of -Carbon dioxide
29Water gas is a Mixture of-Carbon monoxide and Hydrogen
30Enzyme which coagulate the milk into curd-65292Renin
31Process of Removal of calcium and Magnesium is known as -Water softening
32Phenolics as Pollutant can be removed from waste water by use of-Ion exchange method
33Highly polluting industries comes under the category of-Red
34When Hydrogen combusts in air, then formed-Water (H20)
35Gas used as a fire extinguisher isCarbon dioxide (CO2)
36Chemically Lime water is -Calcium Hydroxide
37Which gas is used for converting vegetable oils into saturated fats -H2 (Hydrogen)
38Heat transfer Horizontally with in atmosphere is called-Advection
39Chemical name of bleaching powder isCalcium Hypochlorite
40Lime water becomes milky when exposed to air due to the presence of -Carbon dioxide
41Venturimeter is used to measure the-Rate of flow of Liquid
42The two specific Heats of gases are related by-CP-CV = R/J
43What is the Main Source of Manufacturing of Nitrogenous Fertilizer?Ammonia
44What is the average value of salt present in sea water?3.50%
45Percentage of Lead in Lead Pencils is -0
46The material used in the manufacture of Lead pencil is-Graphite
47What happens during the charging of Lead operated battery? 0Consumption of sulphuric acid
48Plaster of Paris is made by the Partial dehydration of -Gypsum Salt
49Non-metal founds in Liquid State -Bromein
50Isomer of ethyl alcohol is -Die Methyl ether

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