Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Oxides of sulphure present in atmosphere washed down by rain to cause-Lowering of PH of soil
2Green House effect means 65292Trapping of solar energy due to carbon dioxide.
3Depletion of ozone Layer is mainly due to -Chlorofluoro carbons
4Which atmospheric gas absorbs ultraviolet rays?Ozone
5Pasteurization is a process in which milk is Heated at-630C for 30 min
6Combustion is a -Chemical Process
7Chief pollution of smoke of cigarette is-72 0Carbon monoxide and nicotine
8Smoke of tobacco is Injurious to Health because it contains -Nicotine
9Producer gas is Highly Poisonous due to the presence of -Carbon Monoxide
10It is not advisable to sleep under the tree at night because trees release-Carbon dioxide
11The calorie requirement of the body increases in winter as compared to summer because ore calories are necessary toSustain body temperature
12Micro organism which monitor the air pollutionLichen
13Substance used Highly as a food preservative .Sodium salts of benzoic acids
14Super Sonic Jet causes pollution by thinning of.O3 Layer
15Bhopal Gas Tragedy was caused by .Methyl Isocyanite
16Freon is used as aCoolant
17Coolant eFreon f is.Dichloro Methane
18Which gas is used for the artificial riping of Green Fruits?Ethylene
19Aspirin is common name of.Acetylsalicylic acid
20Chemical name of Gamma xene isBenzene Hexa Chloride
21Main Gaseous pollutant of thermal power plants is.SO2
22Acid rain destroy vegetation because it contains .Sulphuric acid
23A hard fluid present in smog which causes irritation in eyes is.Peraxyacetyl Nitrate
24Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by.65292Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur
25The inert gas used as beacon Light is .Neon
26Hydrogen was discovered by .Cavendish
27Paper is made by.Cellulose of plants
28Litmus is obtained from .Lichen
29Which gas is used as a disinfectant in drinking water?Chlorine
30Black Lung disease occours in people working in .Coal mines
31Burning of candle is aExothermic reaction
32In the Industrial production of vegetable ghee, the process involved is .Reduction
33Gas used in the production of vegetable ghee is.Hydrogen
34Cooking oil is converted into vegetable ghee by the process of.Hydrogenation
35In a reaction of type A + B ¨ C + D one could ensure it, to be a First order reaction by.72 0Increasing the concentration of a Product
36Bagasse is used in the manufacturing of.Paper
37Size of suspended particles lies between.10.5 . 10.7 cm
38An Emulsion is a colloid of a .Liquid in a Liquid
39Milk is aEmulsion
40A colloidal system in which a Liquid is dispersed in a Liquid is called .Emulsion
41A gas thermometer is more sensitive than a Liquid thermometer because a gasExpands more than a Liquid
42Nitrogen has Higher ionization energy than oxygen because in Nitrogen there is-Half Filled Stable configuration in 2p orb
43In deep see diving, divers use a mixture of gases consisting of oxygen and-Nitrogen (N)
44The Gas dissolved in water that makes it basic is?Ammonia
45Which metal is extracted from Sea water?Magnesium
46The Physical method Commonly used to purify Sea water is-Distillation
47Sea water can be purified by the Process of- Distillation 
48Soda water containsCO2
49A Liquid is said to be boiled when its-Vapor pressure is equal to the surrounding pressure
50Hygroscopic objects are those which instantly absorb-Water vapors

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