Friday, 21 April 2017


1Gun Powder is a Mixture of-Nitrate, Sulphur and Charcoal
2Which of the following mixture cause the explosion of TNT (Trinitrotoluene)Ammonium Nitrate
3Which of the following Isotope is used in the production of Nuclear Energy?U-235
4High amount of energy is released in the explosion of atomic bomb is due to-Conversion of Mass into energy
5Tritium is an Isotope of -Hydrogen
6In India Nuclear Weapon was tested at -Pokhran
7Nuclear Power Reactor act on the Principle of-Fission
8The two elements which are used to absorb the neutrons in nuclear fission during chain reactionBoran and Cadmium
9Fuel used in Nuclear reactor is -Uranium
10Graphite is used as a............ in nuclear reactors.Moderator
11Heavy water used as a coolant in nuclear reactor. Heavy Water is: 65292Water containing heavy Isotopes of Hydrogen atom
12In nuclear reactor, Neutrons are slowdown by theModerator
13Who discovered the natural radioactivity?Henri Becquerel
14Radioactive decay of uranium resulted the formation of final product-Lead
15Uranium eventually decays into a stable isotope of -Lead
16In the treatment of skin disease the radio isotope used is-Radio Phosphorous
17Radioactivity is Measured by -Giger - Muller counter
18The most suitable unit to express the nuclear radius is -Fermi
19Radioactive Noble Gas is-Rn
20There is no change in radioactive element (Mass or change) during -Gamma emission
21Radioactivity is the fission of -Nucleus
22Quality of Petrol expressed in terms ofOctane number
23In LPG cylinder under the High Pressure mainly mixture of Gases filled in Liquid form -72 0Propane and Butane
24Kitchen or Cooking Gas is a mixture of -Butane and Propane
25PNG (Piped Natural Gas) is used for -Cooking
26TEL (Tetra Ethyl Lead) is a -An anti knock Compound
27Wax used for making candles is chemically a mixture of-Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
28Petroleum is a Mixture of -Hydrocarbons
29Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because itPrevents freezing of petrol
30Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire caused by petrol because-Water and petrol are immiscible with each other and petrol which forms upper Layer continuous to burn.
31Diesel oil is prefer for Heavy Motor Vehicles because it-It has more capacity and fuel save
32The temperature of oxy-acetylene flame is around-32000C
33Rayon is formed by -Cellulose
34Polyethene is formed by -Ethylene
35Glycogen, Cellulose and starch are the polymers of-Glucose
36The process of Heating of Rubber with sulphur to increase it quality is known as -Vulcanization
37Natural rubber is a polymer of-Isoprene
38Afriline is a -Fiber
39PVC is obtained by the polymerization of -Vinyl chloride
40The gas that usually cause explosion in coal mines is-Methane (CH4)
41Bakelite and Phenol are the polymers of-Formaldehyde
42Silicon is a Polymer ofDialkyal dichloro silane
43Which gas used as an anesthetic?Nitrous oxide
44The drug which Lowers anxiety and provide Peace -Tranquilizer
45The branch of medicine involving synthetic chemical compounds is-Allopathic
46The pair of compounds used as anesthetic in medicine is -Nitrogen dioxide, chloroform
47Fluid used commonly in making Bio-gas -Animal Wast
48Gobargas mainly containsMethane
49Main Constituent of air is-Nitrogen
50Zinc Phosphide is commonly used as -Rodenticide

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