Friday, 21 April 2017


1Shock absorbers are usually mode of steel as it?Has Higher elasticity
2Identify the metal which is non-toxic in nature-Gold
3Which of the following metal is found in Free State in natureGold
4Most important ore of Lead is-Galena
5Which of the purest commercial form of Iron?Wrought Iron
6Which of the following is purest form of Iron?Wrought Iron
7Which one of the following is known as the brown coal?Lignite
8Which one of the following is not a coal variety?Dolomite
9The Iron ORE which contains 72% of Iron is -Magnetite
10Which one of the following is an iron ore?Magnetite
11Which one of the following Mineral does not contains oxygen?Cryolite
12Which metal is protected by the layer of its own oxide?Aluminum
13The ore only two metals that are Non-Silver in colour, they are-Copper and gold
14Siderite is an ore of-Iron
15Which of the following process is used in the extraction of iron from the Iron ore? 72 0Reduction
16Which one of the following metals cannot be used as an electromagnet?Copper
17Quartz is a type ofSilicon dioxide
18Raw materials used in the manufacturing of glass are-Soda, Lime Stone Silica Sand ash
19Ruby and sapphire are the oxides of - Aluminum 
20Which of the following is used in welding broken pieces of iron rails and parts of machine -Aluminum Powder
21Which one of the following does not present in the Stainless Steel?Tungsten
22The addition of Gypsum to Portland cement helps in-Preventing rapid settling of cement
23Who discovered cement?Joseph Aspdin
24Air pollution by "Fly Ash" is caused by-Cement industry
25Cement is formed by strongly heating a Mixture of -Lime Stone and clay
26Cement is a mixture of -Calcium Silicate and calcium aluminates
27Which one of the following Metals is used to Heat up the electric iron?Nichrome
28Which of the following is strongest coagulant?Aluminum Chloride (Alcl3)
29The Base used as an antacid is -Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2
30Which of the following metal is found in Free State?Copper
31Which one of the following is used in Pencils?Graphite
32In Graphite layers are held together by-Vander wall forces
33Which one among the following is Lubricant?Graphite
34One carat of Diamond is equal to-200 mg
35Which of the following are properties is generally found in non-metals?Brittleness
36What is wood spirit?Methyl Alcohol
37Fire-Fighting cloths are made from-Asbestos
38The Gas Causes acid rain in an industrial area is-Sulphur dioxide
39Acid rain in the environment is caused by the Higher concentration of -SO2 and NO2
40Which one of the following is used to dissolve noble metals?Aqua regia
41Aqua regia is a Mixture of the following in the ratio 1:3 by volume-0 65292Conc HNO3 and conc CHL
42Sulphuric acid is -Dibasic
43Fullerene is a newly discovered crystalline carbon allotrope, contains-60 C atoms
44Catalytic Converters are Generally Made from -Transition Metals
45The First Time atomic bomb was released at-Hiroshima
46Hydrogen Bomb is based upon the Principle of-72Uncontrolled Nuclear Fusion
47Which type of reaction produces the most harmful radiation?Fission
48How many countries explode the atom bomb before India?5
49Chocolates nay Harmful to Health because they contains High quantity of -Lead
50Gun Powder was discovered by-Roger beckon

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