Friday, 21 April 2017


1Which is the compound in that oxygen shows + 2 oxidation state?F2O
2The heavier silicates named 'Sima' or silica + magnesium are most abundant in which layer? 65292Crust
3With which period do we associate the 'microlith' implements?Mesolithic
4Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in which gas?Nitrogen
5Which compound can not be used as nitrogenous fertilizer?HNO3
6Which is a non-ferrous metal?Aluminium
7DC current can be controlled by which component?Resistance
8Sodium metal is kept under which liquid?Kerosene
9Which naturally occurring element in the rice husk makes it termite resistant?Silicon
10What is a powerful eye irritant present in smog?Sulphur dioxide
11How is the relative permeability of a diamagnetic material?Less than unity
12Which desert is famous for its deposits of nitrates?Atacama
13What is Isomerism exhibeted by acetic acid and methyl formate?Functional group
14Which is considered as a cell withing a cell?Golgi appartus
15Which is a significant contributor to increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide?72 0Deforestation
16Who is responsible for the registration of voters?Election Commission
17Which is used in welding industry?Acetylene
18Where was the world's first oil-well drilled in the nineteenth century?Titusfills in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
19Which was a novelty in Shah Jahan's buildings?Makrana marble
20Flux reacts with the impurities to form fusible material. which is known as which name?Slag
21If the dew point is below freezing, it is referred to which point?Frost point
22Which is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light?6500 k
23In which organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen?Liver
24Which element does not show variable oxidation states?Zinc
25Which type of coal represents the first stage of formation of coal?Peat
26What is formula of plaster of paris?2CaSO4.H2O
27What is the main constituent of natural gas?Methane
28'IC chips' for computers are usually made of which metal?Silicon
29What does Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce as "exhaust"?H2O
30What is an example of Miscelles System here?Soap + Water
31What is saliva in man?Alkaline
32What is the main constituent of haemoglobin?Iron
33Which was the first synthetic fibre made by man?Nylon
34In the structure of planet Earth, below the mantle, the core is mainly made up of which? 65292Iron
35What is the best conductor of electricity a 0.1 M solution?Sulphuric acid
36What is the chemical formula for water glass?Na2SiO3
37Which of the following is used as a lubricant?Graphite
38What is the function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor?Slow down the speed of neutrons
39Uranium eventually decays into a stable isotope of element?Lead
40Which is the metal used in storaoe batteries?Lead
41Which type of soils have a marked capacity to retain water?Regur soil
42What is laughing gas?Nitrous oxide
43When sodium bicarbonate is heated, what is the product obtained?Na2CO3
44If a liquid wets a solid surface, what is the angle of contact?Less than 90°
45Which noble gas was discovered in chromosphere of the sun?Helium
46What does Talc contains? 0Magnesium, silicon and oxygen
47Which mixture is homogeneous?Methanol and water
48Which form of phosphorus is used in safety matches?Red phosphorus
49Which gas is used for refrigeration?Ammonia
50By which an element is best characterized?By its atomic number

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