Friday, 21 April 2017


1When ore is heated generally in absence of air then what is process called?0 65292Calcination
2Which pair does not contain a coinage metal?Zinc and Gold
3What is the most soluble in water?Sugar
4From where can renewable energy be obtained?Biomass
5When ice melts into water, which type of change occurs in entropy?Increases
6The pH of water at 25°C is 7.Remains same
7Which is produced during allergic reactions?Histamine
8What is the mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen called?Water gas
9In the leaf of tobacco what is found?Nicotin
10In which Molecule the distance between two adjacent carbon atoms is longest?Ethane
11Which charcoal is used to deeolourise raw sugar?Wood charcoal
12Which metal used to pollute the air of a big city?Lead
13Which form an irreversible complex With haemoglobin of blood?Carbon monoxide
14Regarding the atom of a chemical element, magnetic quantum number refers?Orientation
15When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, which charge acquired by the fur?Positive
16What is development of fruit without fertilization called?Parthenocarpy
17Which charcoal forms of carbon is used in sugar industry?Animal charcoal
18One molecule of hemoglobin can carry how many atom of oxygen?8
19Which is a source of methane emission into the atmosphere?Wetland
20Which is not an important condition for growth of coral?Wave-free salt water
21Which is the element common to all acids?Hydrogen
22What is the function of Leghaemoglobin in nitrogen fixation?Absorption of oxygen
23Which is the most important ore of aluminium?Bauxite
24Which chemical can be used is anticoagulent?Sodium citrate
25Carbon monoxide has how much greater affinity for haemoglobin as compared to oxygen? 65292200 times
26In which country does State funding of elections take place?Germany and Austria
27Starch iodide paper is used to test for the presence of which agent?Oxidising agent
28The powers of the Election Commission are given in which Article of the Constitution?324
29Which Element present in largest amount in human body?Oxygen
30What is formed by dissolution of base or acid in water?Exothermic
31Which processe is used to remove reducible oxides from the metal?Poling
32Mercury is transported in metal containers made of which metal?Iron
33What does lattitude place indicate?Temperature
34By whom was Cholera bacillus discovered?Robert Koch
35Stainless steel is an alloy of which metals?72 0Iron, chromium and nickel
36What is the oxidation number and covalency-of sulphur in S8?0, 2
37What is the substance which decreases the rate of a chemical reaction?Poison
38Dwarfness can be controlled by treating the plant with which acid?Gibberellic acid
39Which are the Chemicals having profound effect on growth and development?Phyto hormones
40Which is obtained, when H2S is passed through the solution of sodium zincate?ZnS
41Fish die in water bodies polluted by sewage, why?Due to Reduction in oxygen
42What is produced during the formation of photochemical smog?Nitrogen oxide
43Which place has no Ashokan edicts?Pataliputra
44Parthenocarpy fruit is obtained by which sprying phytohormone?Auxins
45Which is a non-metal that remains liquid at room- temperature?Bromine
46By which rular was the new element of 'Gopuram' encouraged in temples of South India?Cholas
47Which colloidal solution is commonly used as germ killer?Colloidal sulphur
48Which is an insectivorous plant?Pitcher plant
49What number of essential amino acid is found in man?20
50By which is the amount of light entering into the eye controlled?Iris

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