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1Correct expansion of the term http in internet address isHypertext Transfer Protocol
2The period of the second generation computers was1959-1964
3In a computer, what does RAM stand for?Random Access Memory
4IC in computers stands forIntegrated Circuits
5Who developed the concept World Wide Web?Tim Berners-Lee
6Processing of a data file to reduce its size for storage on disk is termedCompression
7What is an organization's introductory web page called?Homepage
8The first computer language developed wasFORTRAN
9Who among the following developed World Wide Web (WWW), which gave a new type of information exhibition?Tim Berners-Lee
10The basic application of an AND gate in computers is forMultiplication
11Who developed the concept of E-mail?Ray Tomlinson
12To read a CD-ROM disc, you need aLaser beam
13If you undergo a CAT scan then you have been subjected toA Computer axial tomography
14Microsoft Power Point is a software designed to createMultimedia presentations
15How much data does a standard floppy disk hold?1.44 MB
16An electronic device the produces sounds from instructions in a mini file is aSynthesizer
17A technique for producing animation in which one image changes into another is calledMorphing
18Information in a combination of graphics, text, sound video and animation is calledMultimedia
19The name modem is derived fromModulator demodulator
20A Compact Disc (CD) is a data storage system of the typeOptical
21'IC-Chips' for computer are usually made ofSilicon
22A Compact Disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type.Optical
23Which is a programme that converts high level language to machine language?Compiler


1Programs stored in a ROM are calledFreeware
2Icons are......commands.Picture
3A Bit refers toBinary digit
4The term API refers toApplication Program Interface
5A floppy disc can MB
6The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called.Refresh rate
7The symbols used in an assembly language areMnemonics
8The NOSHADE attribute in HTMLDisplays the line in dark grey
9Where ar programs and data to be used by the computer available?Storage
10In HTML, and tags display the enclosed text inBold
115th generation computers do not havevacuum tubes
12Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data?CPU chip
13The letter G used in 2G Spectrum stands forGeneration
14Double is typePrimitive
15Most of the computers available today are4th generation computers a high-speed network that connect local networks in a city or town.MAN
17PDA stands for 72 0 65292Personal Digital Assistant
18The device that converts computer output for transmission over telephone lines is calledInterpreter
19A bug in a program isError
20DOS is aDisk Operating System
21One byte is equal to8 bits
22Small and cheap computers built into several home appliances are of which type?Micro computers
23What is the process of defining tables?Index definition
24What are the signals that inform the Operating System that some activity has taken place?Handlers
25Virus in a computer is aProgram that damages the computer software
26Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data?CPU chip
27The letter G used in 2G Spectrum stands forGeneration
28Alta Vista is aSearch engine
29ATM is the abbreviation forAutomated Teller Machine
30Where was India first computer installed?Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
31Which is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission?Bits per second
32In which of the following areas, a spreadsheet software is more useful?Statistics
33A Groupware is aSoftware
34Microsoft Offices personal information manager isOutlook
35WIKILEAKS, a whistleblowers website is an international organization based inSweden
36A parallel port is most often used by aPrinter
37The first operational electronic digital computer isENIAC
38DTP stands forDesk Top Publishing
391024 bytes equals1KB
40The term 'PC-XT' refers to.Personal Computer Expanded Technology
41Processors speed of a computer is measured inMIPS
42C language is aHigh level language
43Window 7, the latest Operating System from Microsoft Corporation has..... Indian languages fonts.49
44In a 14" TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14" stands forThe diagonal of the screen
45Who is called the Father of Computer?Charles Babbage
46LAN stands forLocal Area Network
47WLL stands forWireless in Local Loop
48The term PC meansPersonal Computer
49Nano technology deals with objects with dimensions in the range of10-9 m
50A computer virus is 72 0 65292A special kind of computer program


1What is the highest title in judo-10th Dan
2Dronacharya awards are awarded to-Excellent Coaches
3Gagan Narang, who was recommended for the Rajeev Gandhi khel ratna award, is a famous -72 0Air Rifle Shooter
4What is the award money of the Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award-5 lakh
5Which persons was awarded the first Rajeev Gandhi khel ratna award-Vishwanathan Anand
6Who is called as the Flying Sikh of India-Milkha Singh
7In which sport, term "Butterfly Stroke" is used-Swimming
8To which the term "Jump Ball" is associated-Basketball
9Term "Pitcher" is associated with-Baseball
10"Free Throw " is associated with -Basketball
11The most popular sport of United States of America is -Baseball
12Thomas cup is associated with which sport-Badminton
13Narain Karthikeyan is associated with which sport-Formula One Car Race
14Geet Sethi is associated with which sports-Billiards
15Limba Ram is associated with-Archery
16Seema Antil is associated with-Discus Throw
17Ajara Cup is associated with which sport-Polo
18The total number of players in each team of water Polo are-7
19How many players play in each team of Baseball-9
20How many players are consisted in each team of Basketball-5
21"Layup Shot" is associated with which sports-Basketball
22"Subroto Cup" is associated with-Football
23"Burdhvan Trophy" is associated with-Weight Lifting
24Which game was originated as an alternate to basketball in 1895 by William Margen-Volleyball
25Which heavy weight boxers had never suffered a defeat in his lifetime-Rocky Marciano
26For which is said that this garden is not a garden-Eden Garden of Kolkata
27CAD stands forComputer Aided Design
28Unix operating system is generally known asMulti User Operating System
29Which of the parent country of mobile giant 'Nokia'?Finland
30In the field of internet, WWW stands forWorld Wide Web
31Which application is used for accessing the information on internet?Operating system
32Unsorted transaction that can be used to immediately update a database is called asDirect database access
33Which is not an extension of a picture file on a computer.mdb
34A nibble is equal to......bits.4
35In HTML, tags consist of key words enclosed withinAngular brackets<>
36Which type of printer cannot print more than one character at a time.Dot matrix
37The waste generated by and life personal computers is known asE-waste
38DVD refers toDigital Video Disc
39In MS-DOS, the primary file name can contain upto.......characters.8
40In programming, repeating some statements is usually calledLooping
41A browser is a software used to 65292search for web pages in internet
42CPU refers toCentral Processing Unit
43What type of Information System would be recognized by digital circuits?Hexadecimal System, Binary System
44Telnet is aProtocol
45The term ODBC stands forOpen Database Connectivity
46Both the ALU and Control Section have special purpose storage locations called.72 0Registers
47A translator for the assembly language to machine language isAssembler
48Where is India's super computer 'PARAM' located?Pune
49Expansion of RDBMS isRelational Database Management System
50A bug in a program isError


1Name the player who holds the record for highest test score in an inning-Brian Lara
2Who has scored maximum number of centuries in one day One Day International Cricket-Sachin Tendulkar
3Which players was known as "The Haryana hurricane"-Kapil Dev
4Name the first man who took 200 wickets in one day cricket-Kapil Dev
5Who was the first indian bowler to take a hat-rick in test matches-Harbhajan Singh
6Who is the indian cricket to score three consecutive centuries in his first three test matches-Md. Azharuddin
7Who was the first centurion in indian cricket team-Lala Amarnath
8Who is the president of the BCCI-Anurag Thakur
9Which type wood is used to make cricket bats-Salix Purpurea
10How many time has brazil won the football world cup championship-Five
11FIFA world cup 2018 will be organized in-Russia
12What is the number of players in rugby football-15
13The finalists of A.F.C. challenge cup were-India and Tajikistan
14To which sport, the "Federation cup" is related in India-Football
15In which game, the rovers cup is given to the winner team-Football
16To which sport, Santosh trophy is related with-Football
17To which sport, Nehru trophy is related-Football
18Which women tennis players have won the grand slam titles most number of times-Margaret Court
19Which of the grand slam titles is known as "Roland garros" -French Open
20Which is the first title among four grand slams played in every year-Australian Open
21The name of which players has been related to a famous sport trophy-Dwight F. Davis
22Which of the "Grand slam tournament" is played over grass court -0 65292Wimbledon
23Which international tennis tournaments is not organized at a fix venue-Davis Cup
24When did India won the gold medal in Olympic last time-1980 Moscow
25Which year did india won its first gold medal in Olympics-1928
26On the name of which players, a road is named after in Germany-Roop Singh
27To which sports, Agha Khan Cup is related-Hockey
28The game of chess was first started in-India
29Who became the youngest grand master of india-Pendyala Harikrishna
30Which women chess player of india became the super grand master by reaching on the second rank in the world-Koneru Humpy
31Answr the first indian woman medal winner in the Olympic games-Karnam Malleswari
32International Olympic committee sold the broadcasting right of Olympic games of 2014 and 2016 to-Star India
33Olympic games of 2016 will be organized in which city-Rio-De-Janeiro in Brazil
34Who won the highest number of medals in Asian Athletics games held in Pune-China
35Answer the first Indian who was banned for using anabolic steroid in Olympic games-T.Sanamacha Chanu
36Which places had hosted the last winter Olympic games-Salt Lake City-America
37The first woman player to won a medal in Olympics is-Karnam Malleswari
38Who was the first Indian woman to qualify for the final of individual track event in Olympics-M.D.Valsamma
39When was the first Olympics organized-776 BC
40The highest medal winner in Beijing Olympic was-USA
41Who was the first Australian aborigine to win a gold medal in Olympic games-Cathy Freeman
42When was the first commonwealth games organized -1930
43Third commonwealth youth games were organized in-Pune
44Who holds the record for winning most number of gold medals in commonwealth games-65292Susie O'neill
45On which day, the sports day is celebrated every year-29-Aug
46"Ryder Cup" is giver to players of which sport-Golf
47In which sports, the term "Bullseye" is used-Shooting
48Green Park Stadium is located in -Kanpur
49Where is Brabourne Stadium-Mumbai
50Jaspal Rana is associated with which sport-Shooting


1India test fired the missile on June 9th 2011.Prithvi-2
2"Nomadic Elephant" is a military exercise between India and -Mongolia
3Operation Sanyam of Indian army is associated with-Indo-Pak border in Punjab and Rajasthan
4Which is UNICEF goodwill ambassador-Amitabh Bachchan
5Who is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh-Sheikh Hasina
6The chairman of the fifth pay commission was-Justice S. Ratnavel Pandian
7Which is the director general of world trade organization-Supachai Panitchpakdi
8What is the percentage of indina doctors in USA-38
9In July 2007, three day hindi festival was held in-New York
10Which actor played the role of mahatma Gandhi in the film "Gandhi"-0 65292Ben Kingsley
11Who directed the movie made on dacoit queen Phoolan Devi-Shekhar Kapoor
12"national rural livelihood mission" was started in-Jun-11
13Which is the chairman of University Grant Commission-Prof. Ved Prakash
14Which is the current president of Indonesia-Joko Widodo
15The prime minister of Nepal is-Pushpa Kamal Dahal
16The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is-Ranil Wickremesinghe
17Who is the minister of environment and forest in india-Prakash Javadekar
18Which force of India will be benefited by the LCA Project-Air Force
19Religious festival of "Dussehra" is specially celebrated in which of the following states-72Karnataka
20What was the name of the ship which was capsized and gallons of oil spilled over the sea near paradip port-Black Rose
21Where is swaminarayan Akshardham-Gandhinagar, Gujarat
22The Palitana temple is situated near which of the following towns-Bhavnagar
23Two powerful characters of Mahabharata was from Afghanistan. Which areas is associated with this-Kandhar
24The rail service "Thar Express" between india and Pakistan starts from India-Jodhpur
25Who started the "MMX" technology-Intel
26Where is the national institute of information technology-Allahabad
27Large earthquake and tsunami, which shoked the Honshu island of Japan, had also shifted the axis of axis of earth by-6 inch
28Where was the first united nations summit on environment held-Stockholm
29In which cities, world first test tube dolphin was born-Hong Kong
30Which office is located in "Mandi house" in Delhi-Director general of Doordarshan
31The film reels and photographic films in India are manufactured -Ooty
32Which is the largest museum-Lourve Museum
33The fishes, caught by indian fishers in international sea, is the part of GDPIndia
34Who supported the "PURA" model for the Rural poverty Alleviation-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
35The GSLV Project of India is associated with ________Missile Engines for Space Programs
36Ranji trophy is related to-Cricket
37Who made the history in test cricket by chasing 418 in second innings against Australia-West Indies
38Two sets of wickets in cricket are ______ distant-22 yards
39Which was the first host nation winning the world cup-Sri Lanka
40When was the first cricket world cup organized-1975
41Who holds the record of highest runs in one day cricket world cup tournaments-S.Tendulkar
42Which T-20 rules is not correct-72 0 65292One bowler can bowl 6 overs
43Which teams does not get the status of "test" team-Kenya
44What is the distance between popping crease and stumps on cricket pitch-4 feet
45What is the permissible length of cricket bat-38 inches
46Which players became "best cricketer of twentieth century " by Wisden along with four other players-Shen Warne
47The term "Beamer" is related to which game-Cricket
48In which game, "Chinaman" is used-Cricket
49How many double centuries have been scored by sir don bredman in his test career-12
50Which bowlers has taken the highest number of wickets in one day international-Muralidharan


1Who is the founder of the rank one site of India, Facebook-Mark Zuckerberg
2Who was the chairman of 20th law commission-Justice DK Jain
3Julia Gillard was the prime minister of which of the following countries-Australia
4Which state of India became the first state to pass the food security act-Chhattisgarh
5Which airport is located on the highest elevation-Daocheng Yading Airport
6The botanical fossil of Jurassic age was found in -Chhattisgarh
7The first Indo-Afro forum summit was held in-New Delhi
8Where was the new rail coach factory inaugurated-Raebareli
9Which is the first Indian microwave remote sensing satellite-RISAT-1
10What is the full form of FDI-Foreign Direct Investment
11Fateh Singh Rathore who died in 2011, was a famous-W i l d l i f e Conservationist
12Who is the central minister for petroleum & natural gas-M. Veerappa Moily
13Who is the central minister for minorities-Mukhtar Abbas Naqv
14In july 2013, which nation became 28th member of European Union-Croatia
15Who is the chairman of National Child Rights Protection Commission-Shanta Sinha
16Which nation came forward in mediation of Sri Lanka-Norway
17Where is india's oldest Planetarium-Pune
18Which is third largest market for Twitter-India
19Recently with which nation, leader in world, had india signed an agreement in the field of renewable energy-Spain
20Which nations signed an agreement with india for the jet Trainer (HAWK)-England
21Who is the chairman of ISRO-Dr. k kasturirangan
22The governor of Jharkhand is-Draupadi Murmu
23Which is the national security advisor of USA-Condoleezza Rice
24Who is the member of election commission of India-VS Sampat
25Right to education became a fundamental right on-April 1st 2010
26Norman Anil Kumar Browne holds which of the following posts' chief-Indian Air Force
27Who is the governor of Maharashtra-C h e n n a m a n e n i Vidyasagar Rao
28The chairman of indian film censor board-Sharmila Tagore
29Which of the following "Beatles" died recently-George Harrison
30Earth summit was organized in-Brazil
31Where was the Earth summit organized-Rio de Janeiro
32Which nation was added as 8th member of SAARC in its expansion-Afghanistan
33Who is the secretary-general of united nations-Kofi Annan
34What was the theme of the film "Mangal pandey" released in august 2005.0 652921857 war of independence
35Which scaled Mount Everest ten times -Ang Rita Sherpa
36The youngest Indian to scale mount Everest in may 2010 is-Arjun Vajpai
37Who is the oldest Indian woman to summit the Mount Everest-Premlata Agrawal
38Which river submerged the two century old town Tehri-Bhagirathi
39Who is the director of the film "the making of the mahatma"-Shyam Benegal
40Which countries became world leader in carbon credit trade in 2007.China
41Who was the first chief minister of Jharkhand-Babulal Marandi
42Who was the first chief minister of Uttaranchal-Nityanand Swami
43Who was the first chief minister of Chhattisgarh-Ajit Jogi
44Who became the new king of Nepal in 2001.Gyanendra
45Who offered a garland on "Amar Jawan Jyoti" (India Gate) on January 26th 2009.Defence Minister
46Who was appointed as the governor of RBI after the retirement of YV Reddy-D.Subbarao
47Who is the president of Sri Lanka-Mahindra Rajapaksa
48To which Hillary Clinton, wife of bill Clinton, was elected in USA-Senate
49Mr. Shaukat Aziz was-Prime Minister of Pakistan
50Which multipurpose communication satellite was launched on April 3rd 1999.INSAT 2E

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1Who was the director of the famous film "Monsoon Wedding"-Mira Nair
2Queen Elizabeth bestowed the title of "knighthood" to-Salman Rushdie
3"Manav Seva Award" was institutionalized in the memory ofRajiv Gandhi
4Which government had institutionalized "Tansen Samman"-Madhya Pradesh
5Which of the followings was the first person to be conferred with "Bharat Ratna"-CV Raman
6Which Indian won the Grammy Award in New age Album category in 2015.Ricky Kej
7For which film, Eddie Redmayne won the best actor in Oscar Award 2015.The Theory of Everything
8Who won the Sanjay Chopra bravery award 2008.Saumik Mishra
9Who was the winner of "best actress award" in 54th national awards-Priyamani
10The president gave the dada sahib Phalke Award in 2007 to-Manna Dey
11Who was awarded the dada sahib Phalke award in 2004.Adoor Gopalakrishnan
12Who was selected for the dada sahib Phalke award in 2005.Shyam Benegal
13Which of the dada sahib Phalke award winner fought in Lok Sabha election of 2004.Bhupen Hazarika
14Who was awarded with the Jawaharlal Nehru award (trophy, citation and Rs 25 lakh) in 2004.Goh Chok Tong
15Which nation won the miss universe 2008 title-Miss Venezuela
16The writer of the winner of the booker prize book "White Tiger" is-Arvind Adiga
17Who won the booker prize in 2005.John Banville
18Who won the booker prize in 2014.Richard Flanagan
19__________ won the booker prize in 2011 for his novel "The Sense of an Ending"-Julian Barnes
20Which film won the best film award in 53rd national award-0 65292Kaalpurush-memories in the mist
21Anil Kumar Agarwal, an Indian environmentalist won which of the following awards in 2001.Padam Bhushan
22Which Film won the best film award in 52th Film Fare Award-Rang de Basanti
23Which films won the award in the Berlin fil festival-Alai Paythey
24Which film got the seven OSCAR Awards in 1999.Shakespeare in Love
25Who won the Pantaloon's Miss India World 2012 title-Vanya Mishra
26Which actress won the national award for the best actress in for the film "Daman"-72Raveena Tandon
27Who got the 28th annual Lata Mangeshkar award 2013.Hariharan
28Which was conferred with the Tagore Award 2013.Jubin Mehta
29Priyanka Chopra had been titled as-Miss World
30Famous newspaper published its 70,000th edition in 2010. Which newspaper is this-The times of London
31Who is the high commissioner of Australia to India-Harinder Sidhu
32Who has been elected as the president of All India Football Federation-Praful Patel
33Who became the chief minister of Meghalaya after the assembly elections of 2013.Mukul Sangama
34Where was the session of Indian science congress organized in January 2013.Kolkata
35Who became the chief minister of Tripura after the assembly elections of 2013.Manik Sarkar
36Who is the president of World Bank-Jim Yong Kim
37Where was the G20 summit of finance ministers and labor ministers organized on July 19th, 2013.Moscow
38Who is The Director General of BB(c)Tony Hall
39Which took oath of the Lokayukta of Rajasthan-Sajjan Singh Kothari
40Which scandals had shocked the European Union in February 2013.Horsemeat (Cheval)
41The queen of Netherlands, which abdicated the throne on April 30th, 2013 after 33 years, was-Beatrix
42Who became the president of Lalit Kala Academy-KK Chakravarty
43Who was appointed the chairman of national school of drama on august 19th, 2013.Ratan Thiyam
44Who took the oath of US ambassador to United Nations by Joe Biden on august 1st 2013.Samatha Power
45Who took the oath of president of Iran on august 4th 2013.Hassan Rouhani
46The scientists of which country has completed research in genome of camels-China
47The first woman chairperson of state bank of India is-A r u n d h a t i Bhattacharya
48Who was the Lieutenant governor of the Delhi, invite Aam Admi Party to form government-Najeeb Jung
49According to the assembly elections of 2013, how many constituencies are there in Delhi-70
50Which state started Ama Jangal Yojana (Meri Jangal Yojana) in order to increase the forest cover-72 0 65292Odisha