Wednesday, 29 March 2017


This is what your table looks like:

1Which is the state that is top in the cultivation of flowers?Tamil Nadu
2What is Super Nova?A dying star
3What the twelve constellations to as zodiac?A group of stars
4The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in which city?Geneva
5Which type of rainfall that occurs when wind rises up along a hill or mountain barrier?Orographic
6The famous Petronas Twin Towers are located in which country?Malaysia
7Scanty rainfall of less than 50 cm per annum is received which latitudes?The areas of high latitudes
8Which type of rainfall occurs at places having continental type of climate?Cyclonic
9Where is the headquarters of the International Telecommunications Union?Geneva
10Which is the largest volcano crater in the world?Toba (Indonesia)
11Which is a typical feature of volcanic eruption?Dykes
12Which country is land locked?Bolivia
13Which is the largest island?Greenland
14Indian sovereignity in sea extends upto howmany nautical miles?12
15Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is located in which country?Nepal
16What do you understand by the word regur?Black soil found in the Deccan
17Where is the average annual rainfall highest?Shillong
18Which is located in the' Bastar region?Indravati National Park
19What is the position of Indian Railways network in the world?Fourth
20Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located in which state?Rajasthan
21Which is the correct sequence in terms of descending values of Albedo?Snow, forest, water
22Where is the headquarters of Oil and National Gas Commission?0 65292Dehradun
23Which river emerges from Amarkantak plateau in Madhya Pradesh?Narmada
24Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Mussorie lies in which state?Uttrakhand
25What is the word used to describe the shape of earth?Oblate spheroid
26What is the radius of the earth approximately?6400 km
27Frontal rain is caused which activity?Cyclonic activity
28What is the period of revolution of a geostationary satellite?24 hours
29Compared to other slopes in the northern hemisphere which is the warmest?South facing
30On moving from a pole to the equator what we find in population of plants and animals?72Increase
31Petroleum is generally found in which rocks?Folded marine sedimentary rocks
32Which Rocks are formed by the solidification of lava on the earth's surface?Basalts.
33Which is the highest grade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value?Anthracite
34Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in which country?Myanmar
35Which is most prone to earthquakes?Young folded mountains
36Indian Army's School of Artillery is located at which place?Deolali
37At which place is the famous Kailasha Temple located?Ellora
38At which city is Largest mint in India located?Kolkata
39Which state has the largest forest area to its total land area?Mizoram
40Which ilement is in the highest amount in the composition of basalt rock?Silicon
41Which plain formed due to the weathering of lime stone?Karst plains
42Which does not wet the walls of the glass vessel in which it is kept?Mercury
43Which is the planet its length of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the earth?Mars
44Which is the hottest planet?Venus
45What is the distance between two consecutive longitudes (910 E and 920 E) at-the Poles?0 km
46How many kilometres are represented by 10 of latitude?111 km
47The highest annual precipitation occurs in which basin?Amazon basin
48What is Snow line? 0 65292The altitude above which snow never melts
49In which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found?Old Igneous
50The 38th parallel separates which countries?North Korea and South Korea

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