Wednesday, 29 March 2017


1Who was the propounder of priciples of Panchsheel-Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
2Whose agency is the government-Of state
3Which of the followings is under the state-72 0Internal and external sovereignty
4Which of the followings is not an essential element of the state-Administration
5Which of the followings is not an element of state-Army
6Which of the followings is not an essential character of a state-Citizenship
7Which is the essential element of state-All of these
8How can the freedom be restricted by-Law
9Which of the followings is not a part of united nations-House of commons
10Which of the following American presidents was a famous t.v./film actor before elected as president-Ronald Reagan
11Who played an important role during "reign of terror" in France-Robespierre
12Who was in favor of a democracy without parties-Jay Prakash Narayan
13Which of the followings cannot challenge India-Socialism
14Who of the following countries has single-party system-China
15The concept of Lokpal has been taken from-Scandinavian countries
16Which of the followings resists liberty and freedom-Centralization
17The success of democracy depends on-The right to oppose
18Which of the following languages was given the status of "classical language" by the central government-Tamil
19"Consent of people" means-Consent of most of the people
20Which of the followings is an example of unitary and presidential system of governance-65292France
21Which of the followings is not a feature of centralized government-Judicial review
22A big difference is there in between principle and behavior -Parliamentary form of government
23"The right to public office" is a -Political Right
24"Greater India" is a sign of-Cultural Unity
25In which country, a money bill is proposed in upper house of legislature-Germany
26Which of the followings is an example of multiple executive-Switzerland
27Which of the following American presidents had visited to china in 1972 to strengthen diplomatic relations-Richard Nixon
28The decision on procedural matters in United Nations will be taken by _____ positive votes-9
29According to United Nations, which is not a right under child rights-Marriage
30Who is the father of idealism-Plato
31From which language, the word democracy has been taken-Greek
32"Dialectics" indicates-72 0Integration of opponents
33The meaning of autocracy is-Rule of one person
34Who used the term "state" for the first time-Machiavelli
35Which of the followings is permanent organization -Family
36"Man is a social animal" whose statement is this-Aristotle
37Who said political science "metrology"-Bryce
38"Person, who do not live in any state is either a saint or an animal" whose statement is this-Aristotle
39"Liberty consists in obedience to the general will" whose statement is this-Rousseau
40Whose statement is this-"man born free but always in shackles"Rousseau
41"The soul of India lives in villages" whose statement is this-Gandhi ji
42"Oh! Disrespectable democracy! I love you" whose statement is this-Carpentar
43Who said this "good citizen makes good state and bad citizen makes bad state"-Plato
44In which country, there is federal government-USA
45Sovereign parliament is a contribution of-England
46Who was the first woman prime minister in the world-Sri Lanka
47"Dialectical materialism" is related with which of the following principles-Communism
48Which of the followings is correct in relation with Marxist ideas of state-State is a class institution
49Which of the following countries is governed by a king-Saudi Arabia
50CTBT denotes-Arms Control Measures

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