Wednesday, 29 March 2017


1Who was the first woman governor in independence India-Sarojini Naidu
2Who works as the chairman of state planning board-Chief Minister
3North East Frontier Agency, during the formation of the constitution is currently known as -Arunachal Pradesh
4The assumption of concurrent list of Indian constitution has been borrowed from-Australia
5How many schedules are in the constitution of India-12
6In our constitution, economic planning is in-Concurrent list
7Which of the following subjects is in state list-Agriculture
8Which of the following items is in "Concurrent List"-Labor Union
9The total number of languages in 8th schedule of Indian constitution are-22
10Which of the following languages is not mentioned in 8th schedule of the constitution-English
11How many languages are there in 8th schedule of the constitution of India-22
12Which of the following languages were added in 8th schedule later-65292Sindhi, Konkani, Manipuri, Nepali
13Which of the following subjects is not in union list-Labor Union
14By which of the following amendment acts of the Indian constitution, the Panchayati raj system got the constutional status -73rd
1573rd constitutional amendment is related to-Panchayati Raj
16Which constitutional amendment had established Panchayati Raj institutions-73rd amendment
17Which of the following constitutional Amendments gave a constitutional status to urban bodies-74th
18The term "Gram Sabha" denotes-Electoral College for Panchayat
19By which of the following articles, the Panchayati Raj system was started in India-40
20Which article of Indian constitution directs state governments to organize village Panchayats-Article 40
21Which of the followings is not a Panchayati Raj institution-Villageco-operativesociety
22Who had proposed the idea of three tier Panchayati Raj system-72 0Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
23Panchayat committee is responsible for its functions to-District Council
24In whose chairmanship, a committee was appointed in 1977 to examine the Panchayat Raj-Ashok Mehta
25Which committee/commission examined the centre-state relations-Sarkariya Commission
26Which of the two states had firstly implemented Panchayati Raj system-Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan
27Which of the following states had implemented Panchayati Raj system very firstly in India-Rajasthan
28Rajasthan is the first state which-implemented local self-governance
29Democratic Decentralization means-Local Government
30Which of the followings ensures grassroots democracy in India-Panchayati Raj
31Which of the following states had implemented the provision of removal of the elected members of local self-governance institutions-Madhya Pradesh
32Who said that "I don't accept a politics without religion"-Gandhi
33To whom, the Union Public Service Commission presents its report-President
34When was national commission for minorities established-1992
35Which of the following articles of Indian constitution has the provisions of reservation for scheduled caste and scheduled tribe-Article 335
36In which year, the national policy for women empowerment was adopted-2001
37When was the right to information enacted in India-15-Jun-05
38Russian revolution was started from which of the following cities-St. Petersburg
39Which of the followings was a popular slogan of French revolution-Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
40Who was the president of Chinese communist party at the time of freedom of China-Mao Zedong
41Which of the following laws is in favour of the betterment of women-Human trafficking (prevention) act
42Which of the followings recommended three language formula-Kothari Commission
43The president of USA appoints the judges of Supreme Court, how-Approval of Senate
44In which of the following systems, few rules over all-Oligarchy
45Who has been assigned with the responsibility of world peace and security by the member nations of United Nation Organizatio-Security Council
46What is the term of non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council-652922 year
47The five permanent members of United Nations Security Council are-China, France, Russia, UK, USA
48Which of the followings is a permanent member of United Nation Security Council-China
49How many members are in United Nations General Assembly-193
50The total number of judges in International Court of justice are-15

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