Wednesday, 29 March 2017


1From where sufi movement was started?Persia
2Sufi orders were known as which name?Silsila
3Contribution of saints of Bhakti and sufi movements was-In religious harmony
4From state, development of Alvar saints began?Tamilnadu
5Which language was used by Bhakti-preacher Shankara Dev?Assamese
6Who was the contemporary Maratha saint of Shiva ji?Saint Tukaram
7Analects is sacred text of ---Confucius religion
8Who founded 'Vijayanangar'?Sangam dynasty
9Rulers of Vijayanagar encouraged---Telgu, Urdu and Sanskrit
10Which Vijayanagar ruler annexed the important part of Goa from Bahmanis?Harihar II
11Which Italian traveler came to Vijayanagar empire in 1420 AD?Nikolo Di Konti
12Which book is written by Krishna Dev Ray?Amukta Malyad
13Telugu works Amuktmalyad was written by?Krishna Dev Ray
14Which literature was written by Krishna Dev RayAmukta Malyad
15Whose works is 'Amuktamalyad'?Krishnadev Ray
16Medieval city of Vijayanagar is known as -Hampi
17Famous battle of Talikata happened in -1565 AD
18Who built Gol Gumbaj? 0 65292Muhammad Aadilshah II
19Which Bahmani rulers built Golgumbaj in Bijapur?Muhammad Aadilshah
20Where is Gol Gumbaj?Bijapur
21Bijapur is known for-Golgumbaj
22Which dynasty established independent regime in Bijapur?Aadilshahi
23Which ruler built Victory tower?Rana kumbha
24'Kirti stambh' was built by which ruler?Rana Kumbha
25Which built Madrasah in Beedar?Mahmud Gavan
26Who was the founder of Bahmani state?Alauddin Bahyman shah (Jafar khan)
27The famous diamond 'Kohinoar' was found from which mine?Golkunda
28Who was the first mugal king of India?Babar
29First battle of Panipat was fought in-1526
30Memories of Babur (Tuzk-e-Baburi) was written in which language?Turki
31By which battle mugal empire started in Delhi?First battle of Panipat
32Who was the first one to use artillery in India?Babur
33In the battle of Khanva, which Rajput king was defeated by Babur?Rana Sanga
34Where did Babar die?Agra
35Purana Qila in Delhi was built in whose reign?Humayun
36Purana qila was built by-Shershah
37After which battle in 1540 AD, Humayun faced banishment from India?Kannoj
38Humayun ran from India after defeating which battle?Kannoj
39Battle of Kannoj was faught in -1540
40Humayun tomb in Delhi was built by-Haji Begum
41Who was served by Revenue officer Todarmal?Shershah
42What was the age of Akbar at the time of his coronation in Kalanaur?Thirteen years
43'Razmnama' is Persian translation of which one of the following?Mahabharata
44Who translated Mahabharta in Persian?Badayuni
45Who translated Ramayana in Persian language?Badayuni
46Where did Akbar built Panchmahal?Fatehpur sikri
47Which wrote biography of Akbar?Abul Fajal
48Which famous Jain scholar was respected by Akbar?Hari vijaya
49What was the basic purpose of Din_i-Ilahi?Cosmapalitanism
50Who is the writer of Ain-i-Akbari?Abul Fajal

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