Wednesday, 29 March 2017


1Who put an end by attacking Rome, to the Roman empire - Indian business?0 65292Somalians
2Who coins amongst the following show love towards music?Guptas
3Who because of his victories was called the Napolean of India?Samudragupta
4Which Indian ruler is famous after the 'The Napolean of India'?Samudragupta
5What was the 'Golden Era' of Indian culture?Gupta Era
6What was the greatest mumbered metal introduced during the Gupta Era.Gold
7In which year did the famous Gupta samvat start?319 AD
8Whose achievements have been inscribed on the Allahabad pillar?Samudragupta
9Who constructed the Allahabad pillar inseription?Harisenan
10During whose reign, did Fahien visit India?Chandragupta II
11Which historic creation is related to classical Sanskrit literature?Meghadutam
12Who compiled the stories in 'Panchatantra'?Vishnu Sharma
13Who is the writer of "Meghadutam"?Kalidasa
14In the ancient India, in whose court did Dhanvantri, the famous doctor give advice?Chandragupta II
15Who was Varahmihir?Astromomer
16Under whose reign were the caves of Ajanta constructed?Gupta
17What is the center of Roman business during Sangam Age?Arikmedu
18What do the Shilatkiran Temple and Ajanta caves represent?Hinduism & Buddhism and Jainism
19Who created the Choleshwar Temple?Vijayalaya
20Who was the king who took the river Ganga from North to South?Rajendra
21Most Chola Temples were devoted to which God/ Godess?Shiva
22Who created the Kaliastmath temple in Ellora?Krishna I
23The famous temple of Shiva, in Ellora was constructed by-Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna I
24The caves of Ellora and Shailkrit temple represent-Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism
25The seven Pagoda of Mahabalipuram is witnessed by which protected art?Pallavas
26Whose great ruler was Pulkashin II?Chalukya of Vatapis
27Which one of the inscription in related to Chalukya king, Pulkeshin IIAehol
28Who was the famous ruler of the west Chalukya dynasty?Pulkeshin II
29Who won Lanka at first?0 65292Rajaraja I
30What information do we get from the Uttarmorure inscription?Cholas
31Which Chola ruler made the new Capital 'Gangaikanda Cholapuram'?Rajendra I
32Where is the longest corridor of the temple?Rameshwaram
33Under whome protection was Kailash temple constructed?Rasthrakutas
34Where is the famous Dilvada temple situated?Maharashtra
35The empire of Chola rulers was—Tamilnadu
36What was the capital of ancient Chola empire?Uraiyur
37The land measurement of the second Pandaya empire is mentioned in-72Thalvaipuram, copper plates
38Who wrote the book 'Kathasaritsagar'?Somdev
39Who was the writer of Vikramdevcharit?Bilhad
40Who was the writer of 'Harshcharita'?Banabhatta
41Who is the writer of the famous Roman play Kadambari?Banbhatta
42Which of the following dyad do not match?Vikramaditya-chaitanya
43Who Consturucted the famous Dilvada temple in Mt. Abu in Rajasthan in the 13th century?Tejpal
44Who constructed the khusjurao temples?Chandel Rajput
45Mihir Bhaj is related to which dynasty of Rajputa?Pratihar
46Who was the great ruler of Pratihar dynasty?Bhoj
47In whosereign did Hevintsang visit India?Harshvardhana
48What was the name of the chiese traveler who visited India in the reign of Harshvardhana?Huentsang
49Who was given the name of 'Prince of Pilgrims'?Huien Tsang
50In which state of India in Nalanda University?Bihar

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