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1Religious lessons of 'Jews' are called—Musa Sanhita (Torah)
2Mahabhasaya was written by—Patanjali
3Recognise the medicinal trio of ancient India from the following options.Charak Sushruta, and Banbhatta
4What was the suitable language for source material in ancient times?Sanskrit
5Who took the throne after Chandra Gupta Maurya?Bindusara
6Who exiled Greeks from India?Chandra Gupta Maurya
7Who exiled Greeks from India?Chandra Gupta Maurya
8Where were the riats during Bindusara's time?Taxila
9Chandra Gupta Maurya spend his last days here-Sravanbelgola
10Which description is best suitable for Ashoka's monarchy-Centralised monopoly
11Ashoka changed his administrative policy due to which incident?Kalinga battle
12Which person was also known as Devenama Priyadassi (Priyadarshi)?Mauryan king Ashoka
13Who is famous as 'Devanamapriya'?Ashoka
14Which remarked the king Ashoka's conversion?Rick edict XIII
15Who was the greek ambassador that come to Chandra Gupta Maurya's court -Megasthenes
16Who wrote the Indica?Megasthenes
17Who was the greek ambassador in Mauryan court?Megasthenes
18Ashoka adopted Buddhism under whose influence?Upagupta
19The famous teacher Chanakya was related to which university?Taxila
20Kalinga war happened in which year?261 B.C.
21Effect of Kalinga war on Ashoka appeared at-0 65292Rock-edict 13
22Which was famous centre for education during Mauryan's perios?Taxila
23Who was the creatur of Arthashastra?Kautilya
24Ashokans inscription is written in which language?Brahmi
25Who deciphered Ashokans inscriptions for the first time and when?1837-James Prinsep
26Which famous ruler is called as 'father of Inscriptions'?Ashoka
27Who provided protection to third Buddhist council?Ashoka
28Who was the spatial (Sthaanik) during Mauryan's period?District administrator
29Which dynasty ruled over 'Magadha' after Mauryan dynasty?Shunga
30What is 'Milindapanho'?Buddhist text
31Charak was a doetar in whose court?Kanishka
32Which art is a combination of Indo-Greek style during kushan peiord?Gandhara art
33Who was the famous king of kushan dynasty?Kanishka
34In which year, Kanishka took over the thrown?78 AD
35Who started saka samvat and when?Kanishka in 78 AD.
36Which was the ruler of Kushan dynasty, who protected Buddhism?Kanishka
37Gandhara art blossom in whose reign?Kanishka
38What is the name of art style of the integrateol characteristics of Indian-Greek art?Gandhara
39Who was the author/ writer during the reign of Kanishka?Nagarjun and Ashwagosh
40In the ancient time who amongst the below was the great ruler of Kalinga?Kharival
41Ruler Kharwal was the greatest ruler of which Chedi Dynasty?Kalinga
42Who was the great ruler of Satvahan dynasty?Gautamiputra Shatkarni
43Which is the oldest learning school?Taxila
44Who is the first known ruler of Gupta dynasty?Shree Gupta
45Who established the rust-free iron pillar of Mehrauli(Delhi)?Gupta
46Who was the king who acquired the title of 'Vikraditya'?Chandragupta II
47What was the other name of Chandragupta II?Vikramaditya
48What ere the silver coins during the Gupta age called?Rupyak
49Harisena was the courtpoet of which King?Samudragupta
50Who is known as Liccchavi Davhitra?Samudragupta

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