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This is what your table looks like:

1Which is the state that is top in the cultivation of flowers?Tamil Nadu
2What is Super Nova?A dying star
3What the twelve constellations to as zodiac?A group of stars
4The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in which city?Geneva
5Which type of rainfall that occurs when wind rises up along a hill or mountain barrier?Orographic
6The famous Petronas Twin Towers are located in which country?Malaysia
7Scanty rainfall of less than 50 cm per annum is received which latitudes?The areas of high latitudes
8Which type of rainfall occurs at places having continental type of climate?Cyclonic
9Where is the headquarters of the International Telecommunications Union?Geneva
10Which is the largest volcano crater in the world?Toba (Indonesia)
11Which is a typical feature of volcanic eruption?Dykes
12Which country is land locked?Bolivia
13Which is the largest island?Greenland
14Indian sovereignity in sea extends upto howmany nautical miles?12
15Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is located in which country?Nepal
16What do you understand by the word regur?Black soil found in the Deccan
17Where is the average annual rainfall highest?Shillong
18Which is located in the' Bastar region?Indravati National Park
19What is the position of Indian Railways network in the world?Fourth
20Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located in which state?Rajasthan
21Which is the correct sequence in terms of descending values of Albedo?Snow, forest, water
22Where is the headquarters of Oil and National Gas Commission?0 65292Dehradun
23Which river emerges from Amarkantak plateau in Madhya Pradesh?Narmada
24Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Mussorie lies in which state?Uttrakhand
25What is the word used to describe the shape of earth?Oblate spheroid
26What is the radius of the earth approximately?6400 km
27Frontal rain is caused which activity?Cyclonic activity
28What is the period of revolution of a geostationary satellite?24 hours
29Compared to other slopes in the northern hemisphere which is the warmest?South facing
30On moving from a pole to the equator what we find in population of plants and animals?72Increase
31Petroleum is generally found in which rocks?Folded marine sedimentary rocks
32Which Rocks are formed by the solidification of lava on the earth's surface?Basalts.
33Which is the highest grade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value?Anthracite
34Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in which country?Myanmar
35Which is most prone to earthquakes?Young folded mountains
36Indian Army's School of Artillery is located at which place?Deolali
37At which place is the famous Kailasha Temple located?Ellora
38At which city is Largest mint in India located?Kolkata
39Which state has the largest forest area to its total land area?Mizoram
40Which ilement is in the highest amount in the composition of basalt rock?Silicon
41Which plain formed due to the weathering of lime stone?Karst plains
42Which does not wet the walls of the glass vessel in which it is kept?Mercury
43Which is the planet its length of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the earth?Mars
44Which is the hottest planet?Venus
45What is the distance between two consecutive longitudes (910 E and 920 E) at-the Poles?0 km
46How many kilometres are represented by 10 of latitude?111 km
47The highest annual precipitation occurs in which basin?Amazon basin
48What is Snow line? 0 65292The altitude above which snow never melts
49In which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found?Old Igneous
50The 38th parallel separates which countries?North Korea and South Korea


1Which pair of States is the leading producer of tobacco in India?Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat
2Where are diesel locomotives manufactured?Varanasi
3Where is the headquarters of Amnesty International?London
4On which date the earth is at the largest distance from the sun (Apehelion)?July 4th
5The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the place of which point?Equator
6Who introduced the term anticyclone for the first time?F. Galton
7Why do the tropical cyclones not occur close to the equator?Weak coriolis force
8Which river does not form any delta at its mouth?Tapti & Narmada
9Penganga, Wardha and Wainganga are the tributaries of which river?Godavari
10Which planet take maximum time for one revolution around the Sun?Jupiter
11When will the Smith-tuttle comet crash with Earth?In 2126 AD
12What is the approximate circumference of the Earth?40,075 km
13When the wind is deflected due to the rotation of the Earth, what is it called?Geostropic wind
14The equatorial regions receive rainfall throughout the year. What is the annual rainfall?72 0250 cms
15Which is the world's largest desert?Sahara
16The problem of leaching of the soil is more pronounced in the areas how rainfall is there?Heavy
17In the context of Indian wild life, what is the flying fox?Bat
18Moon shaped sand-dunes, formed by which wind action?Barkhans
19Which river has the largest drainage basin?Amazon
20Which is the largest fresh water lake in the world?Lake Superior
21In which sea are the Lakshadweep Islands are situated?Arabian Sea
22Which is east of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?Indonesia
23By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh?Padma
24Which peninsular river is westward flowing?Tapti
25Ankaleshwar and Navagaon are two oil fields in which state?Gujarat
26What was the capital of Hoyasals?Dwarasamudra
27Where was the first oil well in India was dug?Digboi
28Neap tides occur during which phase of the moon?First and third quarter
29Which oceanic tidal wave that moves upto 200 MPH and is up to 1000 feet high?Tsunami
30Between which was the ancient town of Takshasila located?Indus and Jhelum
31Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate?Jupiter
32Which planet is known as the 'Watery Planet'?Earth
33What will be the antipodal position of a place located at 350 south and 800 west? 65292350 north and 1000 east
34Where is Salar Jung Museum situated?Hyderabad
35If news is broadcast from London at 10:30 AM, at what time it will be heard at Baghdad (450 E)?1:30 PM
36Where is the Taiga belt found?Temperate grasslands and Tundra
37The north pole of the earth's magnet is near the geographical which direction?South
38Which region gets no rainfall throughout the year?The Tundra Region
39Bowl shaped depression created as a result of glacial erosion high on a mountainside what is this called?Cirque
40What is Residual hill in the desert region?Inselberg
41Which is the largest irrigation canal in the world?Indira Gandhi Canal
42Why is fog common around Newfoundland coast?72 0Because warm and cold currents meet
43Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?Silvassa
44Kanchipuram is in which state?Tamil Nadu
45Which river flows between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges?Narmada
46Which is an east flowing river of Indian Peninsula?Mahanadi
47Apart from Tamil Nadu, lignite is found in which state?Gujarat
48Which State of India has the largest reserves of monazite, with a high thorium content?Kerala
49There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal. What is it called?Ninety east ridge
50Which is the largest producer of fruits in the Anglo-American Region?California


1Which was the most important kingdom after the Maury in the-Deccan and Central India?Satavahanas
2Minute pore found on the soft aerial part of plant especially the leaves are called?Stomata
3Which is the leading producer of rice?China
4Which type of lake is formed by volcanic activities?Caldera lake
5What are Shield volcanoes?Repeated lava flows
6Which is the largest lake in Africa?Lake Victoria
7Which is the deepest lake?Lake Baikal
8In which region is the main area of production of icebergs found?The West Coast of Greenland
9Where is 'Ninety East Ridge' situated?Indian Ocean
10In which vally is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?Sutlej valley
11By which is the Atmosphere of big metropolition cities is polluted most?Automobile exhausts
12Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?Tamil Nadu
13Which Place experiences minimum and maximum temperature?28.3°C and 15°C respectively is Leh
14How is the climate of India is?Subtropical monsoon
15Which is a warm ocean current?East Australian current
16Kuroshio is a warm ocean current which runs from which country?Philippines to Japan
17In which region does rainfall occur throughout the year?Equatorial region
18In mid-latitudes, convective precipitation is associated with which front?Cold fronts
19In certain parts of Khasi and Jaintia hills, annual rainfall is about howmany c.m.? 652921000 cm
20Which place receives fainfall less than 20 cms?Jammu and Kashmir
21On which river is located Indo- Pak Bagalihar Project?Chenab
22The Pacific Islands from New Guinea south east-wards to the Fiji Islands what is this group called?The Mellanesia
23To a space traveller on moon, how does the lunar sky during day time appear?Black
24Among South Asian countries, which one has the highest level of urbanization?Bangladesh
25At which of the following places watches will show 5.30 A.M. when it is 12.00 midnight G.M.T.? 72 0New Delhi
26The time of Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich time. Cairo is situated at which degree?30° East
27Shallow-rooted trees are associated with which climate?Equatorial climate
28Which area is dominant in hunting and gathering?Tropical forest
29In which the formation of magma along the bedding plane results?Sill
30How are the igneous rocks are formed?Granitisation
31Which connects the ocean floor level with the continental level?Continental slope
32Which is the longest inland waterways in the world?Mississippi river system
33Which are the two volcanic islands in the Indian territory?Narcondam and Barren
34In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located?Rajasthan
35Which hill range that separates the state of Manipur from the state of Nagaland?Barailhills
36Where are the wet hill forest found in?Nilgiris
37What is the main cause of extinction of species from tropics?Deforestation
38Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?Corbett
39What is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust?Silicon
40Which is the first National Park established in India?Corbett National Park
41Which state has the highest amount of Nickel Ore resources?Orissa
42Which is the strait connecting Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal?Palk Strait
43Which Strait which separates Asia from North America?The Bering strait
44Which crop enrich the soil with nitrogen?Pea
45From where do the strongest evidence that comets are members of our solar system come?Their composition
46What does increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere cause?Rise in earth temperature
47In the Southern hemisphere the Westerlies blow from which side?North west
48In which season is the frequency of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal maximum?After summer
49Who gave the idea that originally there was only one continent called Pangea?Wegener
50Which major component is used in preparation of different types of glasses?Silica


1What separates Daman and Diu?Gulf of Khambat
2Which group of rivers fall in the Bay of Bengal?0 65292Ganga, Brahmaputra, Hooghly
3Narmada river originates from Amarkantak in which state?Madhya Pradesh
4Which is not a landform, which results due to rejuvenation of a river?Oxbow lake
5Which type of spurs is typically associated with valleyglaciers?Truncated
6Which hot dust-laden wind is blowing from Sahara desert to Mediterranean region?72Sirocco
7Temperate Cyclone are characterized by which side?Fronts
8The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer long?2500
9Which range of Himalayas is know for hill stantions?Himachal
10From which country does More than one-third of the crude steel production of the world comes?China
11Asteroids have their orbits between which planets?Mars and Jupiter
12After howmany years does Halley's comet appear once in a period?76 years
13Which is the time required for the Earth to return to a given point in its orbit with reference to fixed star?Sideral year
14When it is 12:00 noon in India, what would be the time in San Francisco (USA)?8 : 30 p.m. of previous day
15Which natural region is best known for the production of grapes?Mediterranean
16Which is the largest temperate desert of the world?Patagonian desert
17Which city is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?Kolkata
18West Bengal shares boundaries with how many foreign countries?Three
19Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 2011?India
20The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first discovered in which year?1985
21How is general weather associated with anticyclone?Fine and dry
22What are tropical cyclones of the Bay of Bengal usually called?Typhoons
23PIIGS is the group of nations falling under which zone?Euro zone
24How does the earth rotate around its axis?From west to east
25What is the plane of contact of the troposphere and stratosphere?Tropopause
26Who is said to have conquered the land between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal?Bindusara
27Where are tropical deciduous or monsoonal forests occur?Burma, India, Thailand, Brazil
28In which region are the -most ideal conditions for the chemical weathering are found in? 0 65292Hot and humid regions
29Which current is produced by upwelling of water off the coast of Chile and Peru?Humboldt Current
30The Sun City is located in which continent?South Africa
31On the shore of which counrty cold currents have cooling effect?Peru
32Aravalli ranges are an example of which mountains?Residual mountains
33Which mountain passes lies outside India?Khyber
34Where does rainfall from the south-west monsoon reach?72Delta region of Mahanadi
35The retreating monsoon withdraws from which state?North-west India to Bengal
36How are Air-pockets that cause aircrafts to lose altitude suddenly caused?Temperature inversions
37Which region is the world's best cod-fishing ground?North-east Atlantic
38Which are the Soils that developed in humid tropical regions?Laterite
39'Syntaxial Bent' is a feature of which range?Himalayas
40Which waterfall in India has the most height?Kunchikal Falls
41What is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust?Aluminium
42Which tree is not a soft wood variety?Mahogany
43A V-shaped valley is a feature produced by which river?Youthful river
44Which is the largest sea in the world?South China Sea
45Which is-the largest Gulf in the World?The Gulf of Mexico
46What is the length of India's coastline?About 7500 km
47Which State has the largest coastline in India?Gujarat
48The Sivasamudram Falls is on which river?Cauvery
49The 'Chilka lake region' lies in between the deltas of which rivers-Mahahadi and Godavari
50Which region experiences three cropping season for rice in India (Rice Bowl of India)? 65292Brahmaputra valley


1From which rocks is the soil material mainly derived?Sedimentary rocks
2Which pair of ocean currents meet each other near Newfound land?Gulf stream and Labrador
3The Dogger Bank, the main fishing area of Europe, where is this area?North Sea
4Which is used as the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)?Panda
5Which Indian State has the minimum total forest cover?Haryana
6The river Cauvery originates from which state?Karnataka
7Why does the western coast of India receive very high rainfall in summer mainly? 65292Due to western Ghats
8In India which is the State with the largest area under very dense forests?Arunachal Pradesh
9In which place is the headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway located?Gorakhpur
10Which National Highway connects Chennai and Visakhapatnarn?NH 5
11Which is the largest irrigation canal of the world?Indira Gandhi Canal
12Which lake lies in the 'Dead heart of Australia'?Eyre
13What are the plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions called?Vegatherms
14What is the least influential in determining the distribution of terrestrial biomes?72 0Salinity
15Which country ranks first in producing teak?Thailand
16Which Agriculture export item is second in case of India?Rice
17Which lake in India has the highest water salinity?Sambhar
18Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India?Electric power generation
19Which region has internal drainage?Rajasthan
20Kurnool-Cuddapah canal is taken off from which river?Tungabhadra
21Kudremukh hills known for iron ore deposits is situated in which place?Chickmaglur
22The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the which place?Equator
23The Indian research station Himadri is located at which place?Antarctica
24Of the total volume of the earth, which layer forms the major part?Core
25Why is the Wind in the, Southern hemisphere is deflected towards left?Due to rotation of the earth
26Who discovered South Pole?Amundsen
27Long treeless grassy palms are characteristics of which grass?Pampas
28How climate does the Veld grassland of south Africa experience?The Steppe climate
29Which are connected by over 1700 km-long BTC oil pipe-line?Caspian sea and Mediterranean sea
30leaves used as wrappers for bides, from which are obtained?Tendu
31The northern part of the west coast is known by which name?Konkan coast
32What is the most abundant on the earth crust?Al
33Which river flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat?Tapti
34Which river basin is called 'Ruhr of India'?Damodar
35Which is the longest river in India?Ganga
36Which region in India receives substantial rain during the winter month of January?Punjab
37In which industry is the maximum number of women employed in India?Tea
38The 'Grand Trunk Road' connects which cities?Kolkata and Amritsar
39Which city is at the highest altitude above mean sea level?Bangalore
40In which forest the maximum plant diversity is found?0 65292Tropical evergreen forests
41Which plate movement is responsible for the formation of mid-ocean ridge?Divergent movement
42Where is Dead sea situated?A Rift Valley
43Which is softwood from coniferous forest?Pine
44Hardwood tree like mahogany and ebony are found in which forests?Equatorial forest
45If you want to visit sambhar lake, to which state you will go?Rajasthan
46Which crop are grain with the on set of mansoon & are harvested in September-October?72Kharif
47Among sources of power, India has largest reserves of which thing?Coal
48Which is the most important coal field of India?Raniganj
49Northern part of Australia is typified by which climate?Monsoon climate
50Rain shadow effect is associated with which rainfall?Orographic rainfall