Tuesday, 17 January 2017


1Who was the ruler of medieval India who is credited with the building of the Grand Trunk Road?Sher Shah Suri
2Tansen, the greatest musician of Akbar's court, belonged to which place?Gwalior
3Which Mughal ruler was ignorant of the art of reading and writing?Akbar
4Who had the Revenue system during Akbar's reign?Todar Mal
5Who bestowed the Office of Peshwa on Balaji Vishwanath?Shahu
6When Raja Wodeyar founded the kingdom of Mysore, who was the ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire?Ranga II
7Against whom did Gandhiji started Satyagraha movement in 1919 in protest?Enactment of Rowlatt Act
8Which Sultan had greatest number of slaves in his court?Firoz shah Tughlaq
9Who was the ruler of Deogiri at the time of Alauddin Khalji's invasion?Ramchandra Dev
10Which Sikh Guru assumed the title 'Sachcha Badshah'?Guru Teg Bahdur
11Which Governor General had entertained Ranjit Singh with great honour at Ropar?William Bentich
12What is Mohenjodaro is also known?Mound of the Dead
13Which Harappan site is showing evidence of two cultural phases, Harappan and pre-Harappan,?Chanhu-daro
14In early ancient India, which was "the largest urban centre?Pataliputra
15Which leaders took major initiative in the formation of the League of Nations?Franklin Roosevelt
16Which, ancient' Indian King claimed ekarat (the sole sovereign) or the first Imperial ruler of India? 65292Udayin
17By whom was Kadambari was written?Banabhatta
18Who was the head of the University of Nalanda the great Bengali scholar?Sheelabhadra
19Which ruler is most famous for building a large number of canals for irrigation?Firoz Shah Tughlaq
20Who was assigned the first Iqta in India by Mohammad Ghori?Qutbuddin Aibak
21Which is similar to the Taj Mahal in construction?Humayun's tomb
22The most famous musician at the court of Akbar was Tansen. what was his original name?72 0Ramtanu Pande
23The Maratha, confederacy was virtually dissolved after which battle?Third Battle of Panipat
24Which Indian king requested Napoleon for help to drive the British from India?Tipu Sultan
25What was the earliest public association formed in the history of modern India in 1837?The Landholder's Society
26Who identified the name Sandrocottus as Chandragupta Maurya?William Jones
27During the Mughal rule, by which name was the copper coin known?Dam
28The Battle of Khanwa in 1527 was fought between which rulers?Babur and Rana Sanga
29'The world is God and God is my soul' In which is the philosophy contained?Upanishads
30One the banks of which. river were Alexander and Porus involved in a grim battle?Jhelum

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